An re-posted item from World Media Watch commenting on excellent Deutsche Welle reporting from Ukraine:

MediaGermany’s Deutsche Welle continues to offer well-informed news reporting and news analysis from Ukraine.

One of DW’s latest articles analyzes the role of Russian state-supported media in Ukraine.

As DW’s Marcus Lütticke reports:

The majority of the Crimean population are ethnically Russian, and many people living there are getting their information from Russian media. “Russian media outlets are agitating against the current government in Kyiv and are whipping up panic,” Felix Schimansky-Geier, a German political scientist at the National University of Kyiv’s Mohyla Academy, told DW. “The people are being influenced by this.”

DW’s Marcus Lütticke’s report, Ukraine is on ‘red alert’, also offers an excellent analysis of Ukraine’s options vis-à-vis Putin’s Russia.

Ukraine is on ‘red alert’
Sun, Mar 02, 2014
Source: DW (Germany)