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Kerry on Ukraine Jan. 17, 2014By now even RT (Russia Today) news website has reported on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s on-camera statement Friday, in which he expressed deep concern about the passage in Ukraine of anti-democratic laws, but — two days later — Voice of America (VOA) English news website and websites of most VOA language services have not reported on Kerry’s remarks or on various statements in U.S. Congress this week criticizing Ukrainian authorities for trying to restrict public protests, independent media, and non-governmental organizations.

VOA’s Ukrainian and Russian services did report on Secretary Kerry’s statement. VOA’s Ukrainian service provides excellent news coverage of events in Ukraine and U.S. reactions. VOA Russian service is sometimes late, but generally also does a good job reporting from Washington. Both services lack adequate resources.

West, Ukraine trade blows over Kiev’s new public order laws,” RT, Jan. 19, 2014.

Also see: “BBC, Deutsche Welle offer superb coverage of Ukraine’s slide toward a police state, Voice of America does not,” analysis by Ted Lipien, BBG Watch, Jan. 19, 2014.


Remarks of Secretary of State John Kerry, Jan. 17, on Yesterday’s Events in Ukraine

Secretary of State John Kerry commented on yesterday’s events in Ukraine before hіs meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos in Washington, D.C., January 17.

Державний секретар США Джон Керрі прокоментував учорашні події в Україні перед своєю зустріччю із міністром закордонних справ Греції Євангелосом Венізелосом 17 січня у Вашингтоні.

Link to Video of Remarks of Secretary of State John Kerry on Yesterday’s Events in Ukraine.

FULL TRANSCRIPT — SECRETARY KERRY ON UKRAINE from Kerry, Greek Foreign Minister Venizelos Before Their Meeting, January 17, 2014

SECRETARY KERRY: “I do want to say one word quickly about the events that took place yesterday in Ukraine. The legislation that was rammed through the Rada without transparency and accountability violates all the norms of the OSCE and the EU. We believe deeply that the people of Ukraine want to affiliate and want to be associated with Europe and they want to turn in that direction. And the steps that were taken yesterday are anti-democratic, they’re wrong, they are taking from the people of Ukraine their choice and their opportunity for the future. So we will continue to stay focused on this issue, but this kind of anti-democratic maneuver is extremely disturbing and should be a concern to every nation that wants to see the people of Ukraine be able to not only express their wish but see it executed through the political process.”

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