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Meme by former Voice of America correspondent
Meme by former Voice of America correspondent

POLITICO‘s “Morning Cybersecurity,” a daily briefing on politics and cybersecurity, has a SEE: Power supply worries, real or nah, By Tim Starks, POLITICO, January 21, 2016

BBG Watch reported yesterday on the OIG audit of BBG’s cybersecurity problems.

SEE: Broadcasting Board of Governors cyber policies not ready for primetime, BBG Watch, January 20, 2016


OIG Management Assistance Report- Broadcasting Board of Governors Incident Response and Reporting January 2016


Meanwhile, there was more bad news this morning for Voice of America (VOA) journalists and longtime BBG executives responsible for the current state of the agency’s infrastructure, particularly BBG’s CIO/CTO and the agency’s former acting CEO André V. Mendes and BBG’s International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) Deputy Director Jeffrey N. Trimble.

New BBG CEO John Lansing has been on the job only since September 2015.

SEE: One BBG executive apologizes, others keep silent, BBG Watch, December 30, 2015


From: IBB Notices Admin
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2016 7:25 AM
To: IBB Notices Administration
Subject: BBG Enterprise Storage Service Outage
Because of hardware failure, BBG enterprise storage is down since early morning. The following services are currently not available:
es_shared (S drive)
es_home (H drive)
IT Enterprise Platforms and Storage is working with the vendor, and will bring the services back online ASAP.

Manager of Enterprise Platforms Division, T/IP
International Broadcasting Bureau
330 Independence Ave. SW.
Washington, DC 20237


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