BBG Watch Commentary

Speaking up at the VOA Town Hall on Friday, November 17 for Voice of America Mandarin Service journalists whom the VOA and Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) senior management wants to fire for defending freedom of information in China may be at this point very dangerous for anyone’s career at BBG/VOA. The BBG is after all the worst-managed federal agency in the medium size category with the lowest employee morale. There is a reason why the BBG is the lowest place among federal agencies. Its management is seriously flawed.

Employees who are very close to retirement or any employee who strongly believes in solidarity with fellow journalists and is willing to suffer any negative consequences for speaking up should still carefully evaluate their own personal situation before considering asking VOA’s senior managers questions how they can treat loyal and dedicated employees in such a manner and why there is such a low employee morale at the agency.

Before speaking up, please consider all possible consequences. It may not be safe for you. If you do ask such questions, and consider it to be safe for you, your fellow journalists will no doubt be grateful if you show solidarity and come to their defense.