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UPDATE: After BBG Watch posted this report, VOA finally produced a report on Kerry and the Ukrainian opposition and put it on its English news website early Friday morning: “Kerry To Meet With Ukrainian Opposition in Munich,” VOA, January 31, 2014.

VOA should have had this report before Russia’s RT and BBC. Instead, these media outlets were first to report this news, hours before VOA did.

BBC has also updated its reporting on the torture of Dmytro Bulatov with new information. VOA has not as of 12:15 PM EST, Friday.

See: “Ukraine police put ‘tortured’ activist on wanted list,” BBC, January 31, 2014.

Ambassador Pyatt
Ambassador Pyatt

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt Tweeted a report by Kyiv Post that Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed the U.S. support for the European integration of Ukraine in a telephone conversation with six leaders of the Ukrainian opposition.

The U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) is not reporting this news, as it failed earlier (except for VOA Ukrainian Service) to report about a planned visit to Ukraine by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

The Voice of America is also not reporting about Kerry’s plans to meet Ukrainian opposition leaders Vitali Klitschko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the Security Conference in Munich, Germany. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) reported about the planned meeting in Munich between Kerry and Ukrainian opposition leaders.

VOA is also not reporting as of this time, 1:30 AM EST, Friday, January 31, 2014, that a prominent Ukrainian antigovernment activist, Dmytro Bulatov, who went missing more than a week ago, has turned up in a village near Kyiv, saying that he was kidnapped and tortured by unknown men who spoke with Russian accents.

RFE/RL has a report.

BBC has also reported about Bulatov’s reappearance with signs of having been tortured. “Dmytro Bulatov – leader of the Automaidan motorists’ protest – says he was beaten, tortured and left to die by men speaking with a Russian accent.” He is now receiving treatment in a Kiev hospital,” BBC reported.

As of 1:30 AM EST, Friday, not even VOA Ukrainian Service is reporting the latest news about Bulatov. VOA Ukrainian Facebook page has not been updated in the last six hours.

Ambassador Pyatt re-Tweeted Ukrainian media photo showing Bulatov’s beat-up face.

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