The Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station is the largest BBG transmission facility in the United States. This four minute video provides an introduction to its history and operations. Approximately 85% of the shortwave broadcasts from the Murrow Transmitting station in North Carolina are Radio Martí Spanish broadcasts to Cuba. The remaining programs include VOA Spanish to Latin America, along with English, Portuguese and French to Africa.

Worldwide, the BBG operates 84 transmitting sites, with a total of 182 transmitters plus nearly 1,400 affiliate stations in order to send broadcasts in 59 languages to audiences in more than 100 countries.

The video and the above description are from the BBG official website.

The report below is from BBG Watch.

Rep. Walter B. Jones

There was a gala celebration at the rededication of the Edward Murrow Transmission facility on May 2 in Greenville, NC.  Over 200 area residents attended and speakers inlcuded Casey Murrow, only son of Edward R. Murrow, along with BBG Governor Victor Ashe, US Congressman Walter Jones and IBB Director Dick Lobo.
Jones and Ashe pledged strong support for shortwave transmissions. Jones stressed the station is the only facility of its type in the US and important for reaching Cuba and Latin America.  Jones received a standing ovation at the start and end of his remarks.
Jones worked to keep the facility open against attempts by some BBG officials to close it down. He praised Ashe for getting the Murrow name restored to the station as well as his efforts to keep the facility open.