Vitaly Portnikov

The 60th anniversary event was organized in Moscow on March 1 by Radio Liberty in Exile, a group of fired Radio Liberty journalists and their supporters.

Vitali Portnikov is one of Ukraine’s most famous independent journalists.

TViVitaly Portnikov, is the president of TVi (Ukrainian: ТВі) which is now Ukraine’s only independent TV channel. His station is known for its critical coverage of the Ukrainian government. Until recently, Portnikov also participated in Radio Liberty programs.

See: Portnikov emerges as one of nation’s top journalists, offering fearless commentary, Kyiv Post, Nov. 12, 2010.

See: Portnikov becomes TVi president, Kiyv Post, Nov. 27, 2012.

See: Wikipedia English entry for TVi.

Vitaly Portnikov’s earlier commentary on the resignation of the former RFE/RL president Steven Korn and the Radio Liberty crisis was published by Radio Liberty in Exile website Решение президента РС/РСЕ об отставке можно счесть возвращением корпорации.

“The decision of the president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to resign can be considered a return of the media outlet, with which I have had the honor to cooperate for 22 years, to the execution of its mission, cruelly interrupted by adventurous personnel decisions in recent months. This mission – to promote the democratization of the former Soviet empire – requires responsibility and mutual respect. And the mission is far from over, as, again, it is still being demonstrated by the latest decisions of the Russian government,” Vitaly Portnikov wrote in a commentary published by, the website of fired Radio Liberty Russian Service journalists.

Видеообращение Виталия Портникова на встрече друзей Радио Свобода “60 лет в борьбе за права человека”. Встреча организована сообществом журналистов “Радио Свобода в изгнании”. 1 марта 2013 года. Москва.

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