Global Media Analyst

VOA English website was a few hours behind BBC, RT, and DW in reporting on Mikhail Kkhodorkovsky’s arrival Sunday in Switzerland. The news appeared on the VOA English website Sunday evening. Rather than reporting on its own, VOA English used a report from Reuters.

Surprisingly, VOA Russian website still has no news on Khodorkovsky as of 8PM ET Sunday.

BBC Russian website has had a report for a few hours.

BBC English posted its report on Khodorkovsky at least five hours before VOA. By 8PM ET it shows 420 Tweets.

Khodorkovsky arrives in Switzerland, BBC, Jan. 5.

DW English also posted its report on Khodorkovsky also a few hours before VOA English.

Khordorkovsky arrives in Switzerland, vows to fight for political prisoners, DW, Jan. 5.

As of 8:30 PM, ET Sunday, VOA Russian website is still not reporting on this story.