The upper management of the Voice of America (VOA) and its parent agency, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) did not suspend (placed on administrative leave) any one among VOA Newsroom editors and reporters who publicly lampooned President Trump, his wife and his daughter while in pay status as government employees, or for embarrassingly biased reporting on illegal immigration and various other topics, or for allowing corrupt foreign officials to use VOA as launching pad for their agendas, etc., etc.

Besides lacking experience and competence to lead VOA and BBG, VOA director Amanda Bennett and BBG CEO John F. Lansing have surrounded themselves with individuals who look only after their own interest – to collect their big fat salaries every two weeks doing nothing.

By “investigating” the five VOA Mandarin Service editors, reporters and digital media specialists, these agency managers are creating some work for themselves. Let’s wait and see whom they will try to deceive this time.

Investigating VOA journalists for what? For doing “investigative journalism” that Amanda Bennett so greatly encouraged?

When they are not doing nothing to avoid scandals or when they are themselves not creating scandals as they did with cutting short the Guo Wengui interview, VOA managers are busy throwing sand into the gears of any new CEO and new VOA director with misleading leaks to the Washington media in order to confuse the American public and U.S. taxpayers who pay their salaries.

The upper management’s decision to suspend the five journalists only raises more questions about VOA’s already questionable leadership practices.