BBG Watch

On the Orlando terrorist shooting, for the first time in a long time the Voice of America (VOA) has done a good reporting job on a major U.S. news story.

“It looks like we are at least trying to give good coverage to the Orlando shooting story,” a VOA broadcaster told us.

“It does appear they were on their toes,” one former VOA journalist told BBG Watch referring to Voice of America’s coverage of the Orlando terrorist shooting.

“My impression is that at least this time VOA did much better than in recent years in covering similar major U.S. news stories,” another former VOA journalist said.

“Their journalistic instinct failed them on one or two occasions, for example when VOA put too much focus on gun control and mental illness, failing to note that acts of terrorism in France and Belgium happened despite strict European gun control laws, but overall VOA did a rather good job so far and later issued another report questioning the mental illness angle,” a former VOA manager observed.

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