BBG Watch Commentary

“Voice of America skips live coverage of Alan Gross statement…extraordinary.”

A Comment from a former Voice of America senior VOA English correspondent.

121714 VOA Single Story - Cuba 1121 EST

As of mid-morning EST, BBC coverage of the major news on Cuba consisted of no fewer than SIX separate stories, including profiles, historical timelines, live rolling text feeds, and separate reports from BBC’s Miami and State Departure bureaus, all featured prominently on both BBC front and USA sections….VOA has/had ONE — story….the Bug versus Ferrari in coverage. VOA pales even in comparison to Marti coverage, which at least has a rotating photo series with seven links…Seems everyone missed this part of the story in Tuesday’s comedy special the Follies….but then, it’s NOT really funny.

“The VOA let us down. This is a story that would have made us stay glued to VOA. When we remember the great events VOA brought us, it is indeed sad and disgusting to see what is happening to a great broadcaster of a great nation . . .”

A comment from a Voice of America listener in Sri Lanka.

121714 BBC Live Text Coverage - Cuba

121714 BBC Alan Gross Timeline

121714 BBC Alan Gross Profile Extended

121714 BBC State Dept Bureau Report - Cuba

121714 BBC Miami Bureau Report