Innovation Series

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Office of Digital and Design Innovation has a blog which claims to promote “An Ongoing Discussion on Innovation in Media. The International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) director Richard Lobo thinks the innovation blog is important for he included a prominent link to it on his own new blog. His blog does not allow comments from readers at all, but the InnovationSeries blog does. Alas, we could not find a single comment on the posts appearing on the home page of the InnovationSeries blog.

The question is: Why?

Perhaps the Office of Digital and Design Innovation could tell us how many unique visitors the blog has had in the past week and how much does it cost to create and maintain it? The last comment was on May 31. Sixteen posts published since then had no comments. Several posts on the InnovationSeries blog instruct supposedly new media ignorant international broadcasters on the importance of web analytics. Well?

If the blog whose goal is to facilitate “an ongoing discussion on innovation in media” does not generate any comments from BBG employees, outside experts and other interested parties, why spend U.S. taxpayers’ money to produce this blog?

And why U.S. taxpayers’ money should be spent on Director Lobo’s new blog if he doesn’t even allow comments to be posted?

Just asking.

In.novation Series BBG blog has no comments on the home page