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BBC Twitter Followers 4-16-14BBC beats VOA with Shinseki resignation.

BBC has five stories, main, and four linked on USA page.

VOA USA page has no Shinseki visible.

Yet another in a long line of examples in which BBC and others out-report VOA on U.S. domestic stories of major importance.

At about 11:00 AM EDT Friday, the White House Press Office issued this update:

“In the morning, the President will meet with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Shinseki in the Oval Office to receive an update on the situation at the Department of Veterans Affairs. This meeting will be closed press.”

VOA should have known that something was about to happen and should have been ready.

UPDATE: As of 11:40 AM EDT, VOA now has a Shinseki story as number 3 on its homepage.

“It’s not a major failure compared to missing news stories completely or being many hours late, which has happened frequently, but it shows that they still don’t have their act together and don’t know how to handle posting breaking news on their website,” a source told BBG Watch. “They had much bigger failures earlier. It’s more of a systemic problem than being late on a single story.”

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