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The BBG responds to the situation in the Central African Republic.

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WMWatch DW had more on US-French relations than VOA or RFI.




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BBG Media Highlights – February 11, 2014
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— CNNNew York Times, and other publications note Chinese government’s refusal to grant journalists from Radio Free Asia access to Taiwan-China talks.

— The BBG responds to the situation in the Central African Republic.

— Dina Baidildayeva, a blogger and also a social networks editor at RFE/RL, detained after showing solidarity for bloggers in Kazakhstan.

— The news from February 1964: Solid state electronics helped save space at the Voice of America.

Citations of BBG Networks

— Hitler and Lord Voldemort? Bloomberg Businessweek cites Voice of America report on diplomatic relations in Asia.

— Yahoo News Canada uses report by RFE/RL about saving Sochi’s dogs.

— Palestine News Network and the Algemeiner quote Radio Sawa interview with Saeb Erekat, the chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority.

— Bloomberg Businessweek cites Voice of America report on situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

— North Korea may have the world’s largest deposit of rare earth minerals. International Business Times cites VOA reporting.

— UPI quotes VOA interview with former Vice President of South Sudan Riek Machar.

In the foreign-language press:

— Yahoo News Romania cites RFE/RL report about the payouts for Olympic gold-medal winners.

— Yonhap News (South Korean news agency) cites RFA report that North Korea-specialized tourist company ‘Krahun Tours’ organized by U.S. citizens are supposed to visit North Korea this spring to plant trees.

Of Interest

— Opposition radio stations pop up in Syria, some with U.S. government support.

— Trial for Al Jazeera journalists set for February 20 in Egypt.

— The state of journalism in China.

— Bill Keller leaving the New York Times for online journalism startup.

— A lot of people leaving traditional media organizations for online journalism startups.

— Mapping conflict trends in Pakistan.

— 50 years ago today the Beatles played their first U.S. concert in D.C.

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