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Not in “BBG Media Highlights” but noted by outside observers was yet another news reporting failure Thursday and Friday morning by Voice of America.

Biden threatened Yanukovych with sanctions in a call on Thursday, BBC, DW, RFE/RL reported – no report or updating of Ukraine news by Voice of America Thursday evening and Friday morning, BBG Watch

Also worth noting:

Forget Ukraine, Grab Some Crayons!, The Federalist



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BBG Media Highlights – February 21, 2014
About Our Networks

— RFE/RL’s Khadija Ismayilova questioned by government.

— Wall Street Journal notes that Congress recently allocated $25.5 million for internet anti-censorship efforts to the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

— The Channel publishes an interview with MBN President Brian Conniff on Alhurra’s 10th anniversary (pg 62), as well as an interview with RFE/RL President Kevin Klose (pg 56).

Citations of BBG Networks
— RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of snipers cited by CNNEuronewsNew York TimesChristian Science MonitorSlateGlobe and Mail and many others.
— New York Times piece on the disappearance of Ilham Tohti, Uyghur economics professor and advocate, quotes a statement he made to Radio Free Asia on his concerns.
— Huffington Post and New York Times cite RFE/RL liveblog on Ukraine.
— Boston Globe quotes VOA’s Jim Brooke on Putin and Sochi.
— Huffington Post cites RFA piece on talking about streamed buns in order to talk about politics in China.
— ThinkProgress cites RFE/RL piece on Crimea separatism.
— Rolling Stone cites RFE/RL piece about Pussy Riot’s new video.

In the foreign-language press:

— Al Youm Al Sabe’a (Egyptian news site), AkhbarakShorouk NewsAddustor and Al Mashhad cited statements aired on Radio Sawa from the Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns regarding the U.S. relationship with Arab countries in the Persian Gulf and the ongoing diplomatic efforts with Iran.

— Al Youm Al Sabe’a (Egyptian news site) cited Radio Sawa report on General Idriss saying that regional unit commanders of the rebel Syrian Free Army reject his dismissal.
— Remrem (pan-Arab news portal) cited Radio Sawa reporting on the casualties of Wednesday’s twin blasts that targeted the Iranian cultural mission in the Lebanese capital of Beirut rose to 6 killed and more than 120 injured, Radio Sawa reported.
— SINA (Hong Kong-branch of China Mainland newswire) cited Radio Free Asia report that Liu Xia, wife of jailed Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo,  granted permission to treat her heart disease.
Of Interest
— Taiwan’s free media causing problems.
— Mapping Twitter.
— Russia’s new Cold War.
— The best and worst times to do things at work.
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