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Obama holdovers at VOA failed to broadcast the Singapore summit into North Korea

by Ted Lipien | June 19, 2018


The Broadcasting Board of Governors and the Voice of America leaders have failed to do what managers previously in charge of U.S. international broadcasting would have known to do without even thinking about it.


In an act of gross neglect of their mission and their audience, U.S. officials in charge of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, or BBG, and key Voice of America, or VOA, managers who are also senior government executives failed to boost shortwave and medium wave radio broadcasts to North Korea for the duration of the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore.



  1. VOA is too busy telling its negligible audience that the US is a racist country that treats immigrants terribly.

    No more time left for N Korea.

    1. Look at the VOA homepage today. It’s nothing but immigration propaganda. No attempt to explain the policy or give historical context. In sum the whole page could be boiled down to “Trump is mean.”

      If I wanted to read stories like this, there are many options: CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, MSNBC etc.

      Rather than explaining, VOA is just another shrill voice adding nothing but noise to the conversation.

      Taxpayers should be enraged they’re paying for this.

  2. BBG Watch seems to be falling over itself trying to say nice things about Van Susteren. The fact is that Amanda Bennett sold out on this. Bringing Van Susteren, who by the way continues to throw around a wide range of personal opinions on Twitter, was a gamble designed to bring VOA and the agency more attention, when in fact to any clear-headed observer, it’s an embarrassing stunt aimed at making VOA seem like something it is not.

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