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Stephen Harper100Voice of America (VOA) was hours late and well behind Voice of Russia and BBC in reporting on the White House announcement of Vice President Biden’s unusual trip to Poland and Lithuania next week to discuss Ukraine.

VOA did not have a separate report on Biden’s trip, as Voice of Russia did, and devoted only two sentences to it in a report on an expected UN vote on Crimea.

VOA still has not reported on a planned trip to Ukraine by the first G-7 leader, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced Friday that Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper will travel to Kyiv next weekend, CBC News reported.

“This trip is significant because at this time Ukranian people need support of the entire international community,” Baird said at a news conference on Friday.

He said it “sends an important signal that we will stand with the people of Ukraine.”

Canada will provide Ukraine with $220 million in an international effort to restore economic stability to the country, CBC reported.

Stephen Harper travelling to Ukraine next week – Politics – CBC News.