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Radio Prague (Radio Praha) recorded an interview with Jolyon Naegele, a Voice of America (VOA) roving correspondent covering Central, Eastern and Southern Europe during the later years of the Cold War. The article on the Radio Prague website includes both audio and text of the interview.

“The name Jolyon Naegele is familiar to many who lived through the final years of communism in Czechoslovakia and other countries in the then Soviet Bloc. At that time Naegele was a roving Eastern European correspondent for the U.S. radio station Voice of America. In a special interview, he discusses his first impressions of Czechoslovakia in 1978, being harassed by the StB, meeting Václav Havel, the Velvet Revolution, and developments since then.”

READ MORE: Jolyon Naegele – A voice of the West for many Czechs in the 1980s, Ian Willoughby, Radio Praha, December 26, 2014.

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