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Newsmax, a popular conservative media outlet, described by The New York Times a “potent force” in U.S. politics, has reported on the announced resignation of Voice of America (VOA) director David Ensor.

John Blosser wrote in a Newsmax article: “The announcement is yet another shock to the beleaguered VOA, coming amid pressure from Congress to reform its mission so as to provide more support for U.S. policies, a planned skit that would have had Ensor lampooning former VOA employees critical of the agency [it happened], and staff and budget cutbacks, The New York Times reports.”


JOHN BLOSSER, NEWSMAX: “Ensor was slammed by the watchdog group BBG Watch, which found emails planning a satirical skit Ensor delivered in December at a holiday party held on government time, blasting former VOA employees critical of the BBG.
The party ‘likely cost U.S. taxpayers several thousand dollars in lost work time and other expenses,’ BBG Watch said.
It continued: ‘It is disturbing, however, that leaders at a federal agency charged with supporting free press abroad choose to spent tax money on trying to discredit citizen journalists in the United States rather than use their time and tax dollars to advance the actual media freedom mission of the VOA and the BBG’.”


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