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Behrouz BahmaniOne of the funniest, most brilliant satiric articles about the floundering Voice of America (VOA) Farsi broadcasting service to Iran, also known as PNN or Persian News Service, Behrouz Bahmani suggests that VOA should stop broadcasting Iranian government propaganda back to Iran.

BEHROUZ BAHMANI FOR IRANIAN.COM: The [Voice of America] mission as revised by [President Gerald] Ford [in the 1976 VOA Charter] is simple:

Provide reliable, accurate, objective, and comprehensive news.
PNN gets and F- on that. A G if there was such a thing.

Represent America, American Society, American thought and institutions.
PNN doesn’t even show up for that.

Present the policies of the US clearly and effectively with responsible opinions and discussion of these policies.
PNN reports whenever Jennati cries at the podium.

Based on this mission, the shows you should be seeing on VOA in Farsi are, Shows about American life, you know like how the Rodeo works, or the origins of Jazz and the Blues, visits to BBQ, why Americans like rollercoasters and what the hell NASCAR is. Shows in which US policy is discussed and debated by Iranian and American scholars. News of the world. Certainly not to re-broadcast the unverified always staged propagandized news stories as reported by the Iranian government news agencies from Iran. Right back into Iran!

READ MORE: With US Iran relations back on track there’s no need for the VOA, By Behrouz Bahmani,, June 9, 2014.