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U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) is asking in a short video promo posted on VOA’s official Facebook and Twitter pages, for audience suggestions about any positive news stories in 2014.

The promo appeal says that these positive news stories will be reported on VOA “Talk to America” TV yearender show next Tuesday, December 30. Facebook and Twitter users are asked by VOA to send in their suggestions using #VOATTA VOA Talk to America Twitter hashtag.

We thought it might serve public interest giving this promo wider public attention as an example of Voice of America’s current standards and VOA approach to audience engagement.

As of Friday 1:30 AM ET, December 26, 2014, the Voice of America Facebook video promo post from December 24 with the appeal for positive news for “Talk to America” TV show had 5 “Likes,” one comment, and one “Share.” Most posts on the “Talk to America” Facebook page show between one and four “Likes.” The Twitter post was showing two retweets.

Such social media audience engagement results are not limited to this Voice of America TV show. A separate VOA text report posted on December 23, “US Wants Open Internet Highway in Cuba,” shows 16 Facebook “Likes,” 24 Tweets and one comment as of 9PM ET December 25. BBC and Russia’s RT reports can get thousands of Facebook “Likes.” VOA has not yet managed to open the Internet highway to its own website in terms of audience engagement through numerous Facebook “Likes,” Tweets and multiple comments from readers, but apparently VOA is trying with this video promo appeal for 2014 positive news ideas.

Would international audiences, especially those affected by many tragic news developments in 2014, want to watch “Talk to America” TV show or any other Voice of America program after watching this VOA video promo?
Would BBC, Deutsche Welle or RT show such a promo?
Would any major U.S. media outlet put such a promo online?
Is this the image Voice of America and its reporters want to present to their international audiences as a news organization?


“Talk to America” (#VOATTA) is described on its Facebook page as “a social media-driven, live-streamed TV/webcast that brings together newsmakers, celebrities and experts from across the globe in a conversation with audience members about significant events of the day. Airs live Tuesdays at 1730 UTC (12:30 p.m. EST) at”


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