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Image from Voice of America Zombie Video for Pakistan With Blood-Thirsty Uncle Sam Character
Image from Voice of America Zombie Video for Pakistan With Blood-Thirsty Uncle Sam Character

BBG Watch has obtained a copy of a video produced with U.S. taxpayers’ money under the leadership of Voice of America executives and International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) strategic planners and marketing experts to help place similar VOA programs on commercial TV stations in Pakistan. The video features a blood-thirsty Uncle Sam character attacking a Pakistani.

We also invite you to watch another VOA video, about which VOA executives even bragged in a press release, which features North Korean propaganda with hardly any challenge and shows well-stocked North Korean food shops and well-fed children of the elite in a country where the general population is known to experience starvation. According to our sources, the press release is believed to have been approved by a VOA executive who encourages such video productions.



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This is what one of our commentators, The Federalist, wrote after watching this video:

The latest example is a promotional video for a television program in Urdu to Pakistan titled “Zindagi 360.” We watched the video supplied by our editors and featured in a WND exclusive investigative report: U.S. GOVERNMENT: AMERICANS ARE ‘KILLER ZOMBIES’-‘Uncle Sam’ portrayed as bloodthirsty cannibal Steve Peacock, WND and a BBG Watch commentary: What’s worse – Voice of America zombie promo for Pakistan or its video of well-stocked food shops and fat kids in starving North Korea? BBG Watch.

To put it mildly, we and our sources went ballistic, watching a video with imbecilic and moronic skits involving characters dressed as blood-thirsty “zombies.” One of them was a zombie dressed as Uncle Sam.

In a February 2014 staff meeting, IBB announced that the agency will reduce its radio broadcasts to Pakistan. To be replaced by – this?!?

Pakistan is a country in crisis. It struggles between secular, educated elites and virulent fundamentalist believers.

Remember: there are many in Pakistan (and the rest of the Arab and Muslim world) who believe from their perspective that Osama bin Laden is both hero and martyr. This “Zindagi 360” promotional video goes a very long way toward cementing those views.

The video is inspirational: validating fundamentalist hatred toward the United States, a perfect intersection with US drone strikes in highly fundamentalist regions of Pakistan.

Bloodthirsty “zombies” translates into bloodthirsty Americans.