Keith Perron, a Canadian broadcaster based in Taiwan found Voice of America (VOA) coverage of the Dallas shooting incident to be far inferior to coverage provided by other international news organizations, even those from China. He made a similar comment about VOA’s earlier coverage of the Orlando terrorist attack.

But according to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), VOA’s federal parent agency, “For many around the world, BBG networks [were] serving as the only source of accurate and unbiased coverage of Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando, piecing together stories on an incident that has sparked debate on a series of controversial issues such as terrorism, homosexuality, gun control and law enforcement surveillance.” READ MORE OF BBG PRESS RELEASE.

Canadian-born Keith Perron is the owner PCJ Radio (PCJ), a private international radio station and syndicator and relay service founded in 2008 and based in Taipei, producing and transmitting programs for local and international audiences. His earlier commentary, OPINION – KEITH PERRON – Voice of America is ‘a terminally ill patient,’ was published by BBG Watch in February 2015. “I’ve seen locally produced television programs in Micronesia that are more slick and more professional,” Perron wrote in 2015, adding: “VOA is like a terminally ill patient in a coma.”

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Keith Perron
Keith Perron

BBC can cover an event live; VOA can cover history


By Keith Perron

“Not just the BBC, but also CCTV and CRI in China, provide better live coverage of events than the Voice of America (VOA). A few months ago in Singapore I was at a meeting with some people from Media Corp., formerly known as the Singapore Broadcasting Corp. We were talking about international broadcasting and a producer from the news division said: “The BBC can cover an event live. While the VOA can cover history.”
The BBC, Radio Australia, NHK, CRI and others are very good at engaging their audience. Not just in programs, but also with the use of social media. BBC and others also provide live video of events though their Facebook pages. The Voice of America so far out of touch with its audience.
You may find this funny, but when something like the Orlando shooting happened, even tiny little Radio New Zealand International had live coverage and had information hours before the VOA reported on it. And they’re all the way in New Zealand.”

About the Author
Keith Perron has been working in international broadcasting since 1989, including work at Radio Canada International, China Radio International, Radio Deutsche Welle. He has freelanced for Radio Netherlands, Monitor Radio, ABC Radio (Australia) and others. He is currently the director of PCJ Radio International where he is also an announcer and producer.


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