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In a comment posted under U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) report, “Post Reporter at Trump Rally Despite ‘Ban'” | VOA News, a reader who self-identified as “Mary from: Russia,” wrote on June 15, 2016, 2:12 PM ET:

Mary from: Russia: “Why does this article not mention why Trump banned them in the first place? Slanted journalism.”

SEE: Post Reporter at Trump Rally Despite ‘Ban’, Voice of America, June 15, 2016

We can’t confirm whether the person who left this comment is Russian or writes from Russia. But whoever commented is absolutely right. This is yet another example of slanted Voice of America journalism when it comes to Donald Trump.

Some Russians and some Americans like Donald Trump, others do not. But one does not have to be a Trump supporter to expect non-partisan, impartial, balanced and objective news coverage from the Voice of America.

Some of the strong Trump opponents among VOA’s former and current employees are appalled by how unprofessional and partisan some VOA English news reporting, and some VOA foreign language news reporting, has become.

Those VOA reporters who want Trump to lose and Hillary Clinton to win in November, but would never allow their personal views affect their VOA reporting, are deeply disappointed with their organization and its leadership.

This can have only negative long-term consequences for the Voice of America. Partisanship on the part of some Voice of America reporters is already offending VOA audiences abroad. It will offend many in Congress and American voters when they become more aware of what the taxpayer funded Voice of America is doing.


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Post Reporter at Trump Rally Despite ‘Ban’ | VOA [text only – see the original VOA report for full text with images and Tweets]  
Just days after Donald Trump’s campaign announced it was revoking the press credentials of one of the country’s most prestigious news organizations, The Washington Post, one of its reporters tweeted out his presence at a campaign rally for the presumptive Republican nominee that took place in Atlanta Wednesday.
And almost simultaneously, Sullivan retweeted a story about the Post’s latest poll (conducted with ABC News) on the presumptive Republican nominee’s approval ratings, with this headline:
“NEW poll: Negative views of Donald @ABC-@WashingtonPostTrump just hit a new campaign high: 7 in 10 Americans”
On Monday, Post executive editor Marty Baron tweeted out a statement in response to Trump’s “ban:”
No response from Trump’s Twitter account so far. His last tweet was published more than three hours ago and promoted his meeting later today with the National Rifle Association.
Meanwhile, anti-Trump protesters were ready to greet Trump and the Post’s Sullivan began his reporting with this tweet: