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Deceptive USAGM Numbers

Deceptive USAGM numbers hide the lack of relevance and effectiveness of the $800 million federal U.S. Agency for…
Amanda Bennett being sworn as VOA Director by Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) CEO John Lansing, April 18, 2016. Kelu Chao, a longtime VOA senior executive and later acting CEO of USAGM (BBG's name since 2018) is also in the photo.
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More of the same for the USAGM

U.S. Agency for Global Media may get a new leader. Judging by her record as a former Voice of…
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My Question for Voice of America

OPINION By Ted Lipien I don’t engage in U.S. partisan politics and do not support one U.S. presidential…
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Trump speaks about VOA

BBG – USAGM Watch Commentary A report posted online by the Voice of America (VOA) implied that President…
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Just The Facts?!? on BBG

OPINION Just The Facts?!?       US Government International Media Information War Lost  By The Federalist   The…
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Activist Messaging from VOA Director

OPINION Messaging US Government International Media: Information War Lost By The Federalist A recent BBG Watch report noted…