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Poltergeist-Movie-PosterSources told BBG Watch that while Voice of America (VOA) executives still haven’t managed to get any VOA reporters to Ferguson, Missouri — we hear that two VOA reporters might be there finally Tuesday morning, about ten days too late — Voice of America is preparing a news report on digital upgrades for drive-in movie theaters.

Some VOA correspondent in the United States has been working on a story on digital upgrades for drive-in movie theaters, while VOA English News posted only one news report Monday on the Ferguson story that was written in Central News in Washington and infrequently updated. VOA was blasted out of the water on social media by Russia’s RT which had posted several multimedia reports Monday about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Voice of America bosses and staff on vacation, no VOA reporter in Ferguson, Missouri, BBG Watch, August 18, 2014.

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